Talaton Tales

Our Talaton Diary

Alan & Liz have now moved to the village of Talaton in East Devon having lived at Greenacres in Bibury for the last 21 years. For Liz its a return to Devon having left in 1981. Alan also has strong family ties with Devon as his maternal grandparents were Devonian. We have now left our rented house that we have occupied since September while we progressed with work on Russet House, a house that we purchased nearby.

8th May 2019 - Moved in to Russet House

After 4 months of work we have now moved into Russet House. Having been decorating for weeks and organising various trades people we are going to take it a little easier for a few days before we start to tackle the garden!

6th April 2019 - Bees have Arrived

I left my bees behind in the Cotswolds as I didn't want to bring Gloucestershire bees down to Devon. I recently purchased a nuc from a fellow member of Exeter Beekeepers and they are already settling in well in their new home. Plenty of apple and plum blossom right next to the hive to keep them happy. The hive is exposed to the elements so I'm taking the precaution of strapping the hive up for now.

29th March 2019 - Tomato Plants

Work on the new house continues to take up most of our time but I have managed to plant a few tomato seeds. All 11 seeds germinated. Just as well as they work out at about 35p per seed! The potatoes will shortly be planted out into potato buckets.

19th February 2019 - Fruit Trees

The previous owner dropped in a plan showing all the names of the fruit trees in the orchard. There are some great varieties in the list and I'm really looking forward to labelling all the trees up and to learning more about them. I've already spotted some great heritage varieties in the list such as Pitmason Pineapple, D'Arcy Spice, Landkey Yellow, Shropshire Prune and Golden Knob. I do plan to make the orchard a real feature of the garden.

3rd February 2019 - Gardening has Started

Just at the moment the house internals are taking up our time but at least a start has been made on growing something! These will probably end up in potato buckets as the vegetable patch is likely to be moved once we get started outside.

1st February 2019 - Snow

Liz assured me that it would be warmer in Devon than the Cotswolds!

26th January 2019 - Nesting!

The nesting season certainly starts early here! We have a Collared Dove nesting in our porch...and it's January! It's not the best photo but you can just about pick out the doves head.

21st January 2019 - We're generating electricity!

Solar panels have now been installed on the roof and we are now generating electricity. Obviously not very much it being January but it is something.

1st January 2019 - Paddling!

Longstanding friends from the Cotswolds welcomed in the New Year with us in Talaton and on New Years Day a trip to the seaside was called for. We took them to Beer and then walked across the cliffs to Branscombe where our visitors decided that they just had to go for a paddle! We did not join them! more...

8th December 2018 - Squirrels!

We fed the birds for many years at Greenacres and never had any real problems with squirrels. The odd one that came didn't stay around for long. It's a different story at Talaton with regular visits from 3 squirrels and it's taken a bit of effort to defeat them. more...

3rd December 2018 - Completion!

After a longer than anticipated wait we are now house owners again. Lots to do and loads of meetings this weeks with window, kitchen, heating, solar PV companies etc etc. Even more to do outside but we will be spending some weeks planning with the aim of really getting going in the spring. Loads of pot plants have already been moved in and are now either in the greenhouses or on the patio.

12th November 2018 - Rosemoor Gardens

One of the joys of living in Devon is that we can easily get across to Rosemoor, the RHS garden near Great Torrington. Being RHS members we can get in for free so we do try to drop in whenever we are nearby. Most of the autumn colours had gone on our recent visit but there was still plenty to see. more...

5th November 2018 - Tar Barrels

We spent an evening at the totally bonkers tar barrels event in Ottery St Mary where flaming tar barrels are carried on peoples shoulders through the crowd of about 15,000. more...

23rd October 2018 - Red Sky

Stunning sunset captured from our terrace.

18th October 2018 - Contracts Exchanged

It's taken a little longer than we would have liked but we have finally exchanged contracts on the house in Talaton that we have had our eyes on for several months. We get the keys in early December. more...

3rd October 2018 - Walk from Budleigh Salterton

We started the walk from the 1st bridge over the river Otter above Budleigh Salterton and then followed the cliff path as far as Ludrum Bay. We then walked up through the holiday park and on into Otterton. Stopped for tea and cake at Otterton Mill then walked alongside the Otter back to the car. About 6 or 7 miles in total. more...

2nd October 2018 - Darts Farm Shop

There can't be many farm shops where you can buy just about everything from a cabbage to an AGA but you can at Darts Farm!! Loads of fresh local produce plus outlets selling toys, clothes, outdoor gear and yes, even AGA's. Quite an experience and definitely worth another visit. more...

27th Sept 2018 - Fishing at Budleigh Salterton

One of my retirement plans was to do a bit more sea fishing and I've got off to a great start with a catch of 17 mackerel plus 3 very small bass and a couple of dogfish from the beach at Budleigh Salterton. I was on the beach by 7am just as the sun was rising. It was a cold start but turned out to be a glorious morning. The only problem was avoiding the swimmers! Hardy souls down here!

2 of the mackerel were cooked on the BBQ for lunch.....lovely.

25th Sept 2018 - Burrow Farm Gardens

This is a garden that we have visited several times in the past and we love it. Now that we live close by we will definetely be buying a season ticket next year. There is lots to see with a mix of formal gardens, woodlands, ponds and a huge wildflower meadow with stunning views of the Devon countryside from an elavated viewpoint.

On this visit the grasses were the star of the show. more...

24th Sept 2018 - Hot Air Balloon Lands about 300 yards from our House

We used to regularly see hot air balloons from our house in Bibury but never quite as close as the one that landed in the farm yard about 300 yards away. We've seen quite a few since we arrived in Talaton but not as close as this one!

16th Sept 2018 - St Mary's Church Whimple Flower Festival

Whimple is about 2 miles from Talaton and the theme of the festival was "Seasons and Services". The 2 arrangements in the photograph are "Weddings" and "Songs of Praise". In all there were 22 lovely arrangements and we were very glad we'd made the trip over. The tea and cake was good as well!

14th Sept 2018 - Beer in Bloom

The village of Beer is about 15 miles from Talaton and a firm favourite with us. There are wonderfull displays of flowers all the way up the main street.

14th Sept 2018 - Major Fire in Ottery St Mary Town Centre

Ottery St Mary is our nearest town being about 4 miles from Talaton. We went in to go shopping but found major chaos due to a serious fire in the town centre at a point where 5 roads merge. All were closed causing traffic chaos and long diversions. Fortunately no one was hurt but condiderable damage has been done to a shop and the 2 flats above it.

4th Sept 2018 - A Different View

The view from the back door of the house we are renting is rather different to that at Greenacres. The house has a very large raised decked area with the garden dropping away very steeply.

3rd Sept 2018 - Leaving

On the 3rd of September Liz & Alan left Greenacres to start a new life in the village of Talaton. A small village just north of Ottery St Mary in East Devon.